Harry Redknapp had to have some "difficult" conversations with Neil 'Razor' Ruddock on 'Harry's Heroes: Euro Having A Laugh'.

Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp

The 73-year-old football manager has revealed he had some awkward chats with the ex-Liverpool player - whose weight peaked at 25st - before he played for the England legends in a match against their German counterparts.

Harry told the Daily Star newspaper: "We were all very worried about Razor Ruddock because the doctors warned him he was seriously risking his health.

"We had to have some difficult conversations with him."

However, Harry wasn't surprised that junk food-loving Razor and some of his England teammates needed to shed some weight before they took to the field.

He said: "Some people will just want to keep fit after they finish playing, other lads will feel like they want to let it go a bit."

Meanwhile, Paul Merson recently claimed that 'Harry's Heroes' saved his life.

The ex-Arsenal star used to drink "35 pints a week" and gamble his life savings - but after joining the football team for the ITV rematch against the Germans, he was able to battle his addictions with the support of Harry and the team.

Paul said: "From last time, I'm 100 times better, my life's changed around. Where I was last year compared to now, I can't explain.

"The impact of being in the team, it saved my life. I was drinking at least 35 pints a week and gambling. But I'm sober and bet-free now. As soon as I addressed the drinking, I didn't gamble. I've come to realise I'm powerless over alcohol. I'm an alcoholic."

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