Gregg Wallace loves to eat tinned food.

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace

Despite being a judge and co-host of BBC cookery competition 'MasterCherf', the 56-year-old TV star admits there's nothing he likes more than eating a meal which has come out of cans.

Former greengrocer Gregg puts his simple tastes down to his working class upbringing in London.

Speaking to The Big Issue magazine, he said;: “People always assume I’m a chef. And they also think I’m gonna be a champion of anything local, seasonal or organic, when actually I was brought up in a housing estate, so what I really like is instant coffee and food out of tins. People always give me really horrible, harsh, disgusting coffee that I never like. But for me, my favourite food is minced lamb, tinned peas, and rhubarb crumble with rhubarb out of a tin.”

What’s more, Gregg admits that when he lived alone he would dine on takeaways such as McDonald’s burgers and kebabs before he learned how to cook when he had kids.

The television personality - who has children Tom and Libby from his second marriage to Denise, and 17-month-old son Sid with his wife Anne-Marie - shared: "I didn’t look after myself particularly well in those first years of living alone. My diet was fish finger sandwiches, fry ups, McDonald’s and kebabs.”

Gregg discovered a new world of tasty and nutritious meals after he started his company George Allan's Greengrocers in 1989.

He later opened the restaurant Wallace & Co in 2010 and Gregg's Bar & Grill two years later, but both restaurants have since folded.

The star recently took part in a weight loss programme after he was told his cholesterol level was dangerously high and he was at risk of having a heart attack.

He has lost over 50 lbs and has since launched his own meal plan and workout routines.

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