Gregg Wallace still feels "nervous" when he's filming 'MasterChef'.

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace

The 55-year-old presenter has hosted the hit BBC show for more than a decade, but Gregg has admitted he is still anxious whenever he's shooting the popular series.

He shared: "A lot of the time, I'm right to be nervous, especially on 'Celebrity Masterchef' because not all the cooks we get on there are fantastic, but often I'm wrong.

"Often I look at a concoction and think, 'That's going to taste like Satan's big toe.' And actually it's, not, it works.

"Still, after all these years, I'm getting concoctions I've never had before."

Gregg can also still vividly remember some of the cooking disasters from years gone by.

He told 'Good Morning Britain': "I can only remember the disasters. There was one guy one year on the pros ... he made a chocolate cake really well and reasons best known to his own culinary mind, he stuck a quail on top of the chocolate cake.

"One of the worst things on 'MasterChef' is not when somebody puts odd ingredients together, it's when you look at something and it's perfectly browned on the outside, you cut into it and its heart is still beating, it's raw."

In recent months, Gregg has lost as much as four stone in weight after undergoing a complete diet and lifestyle change.

The presenter explained that "healthy eating and moderate exercise" are the keys to his recent transformation.

He said: "It's not about crazy diets, it's not about knocking out any food groups, not about starving yourself three times a week, it's not about eating as much as you can in a one-hour period ... what this is about is slowly, day by day, moving yourself into a healthier place that's sustainable until you look round and you've lost weight."

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