Rowan Williams has left the 'Great British Bake Off'.

Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams

The 55-year-old music teacher has become the third contestant to leave the Channel 4 baking competition after Bread Week spelled the end of the road after a few weeks where he struggled with time keeping as he set expectations high with his flamboyant and ambitious designs.

Judge Prue Leith said: "Rowan has been such a character and I am sorry to see him go because he is so ambitious and so imaginative and he put so much thought into his baking.”

However, Rowan has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and insisted he still "went out on a high".

He reflected: "I feel very content. I have had a wonderful time. It’s been exhausting, but very rewarding.

“But I didn’t mind leaving. I felt like I went out on a high because I really tried my best with the showstopper.”

Meanwhile, he opened up on his approach to the competition, and explained he was keen to "enjoy it and bake and have fun", rather than reeling himself in.

He added: “I just went in being myself. It’s hard to avoid being myself!

"I wasn’t nervous and very quickly I decided that I just wanted to enjoy it and bake and have fun. That’s my route in life, just go for it.

"I am not reckless but I am certainly not over cautious as a personality. I just want to enjoy life.”

This week, the bakers had to make two soda bread loves - one savoury and one sweet - for the Signature Challenge, while Paul Hollywood's Technical Challenge saw them recreating his rainbow bagels to honour the NHS.

Finally, the Showstopper Challenge tasked the bakers with creating a large, decorative bread plaque - in the style of a traditional harvest festival sheaf - to honour the one thing they are most grateful for.

Although Rowan departed, it was a good week for Marc Elliott, who emerged as the Star Baker.