'The Grand Tour' had to delay a "big plan for a Russian special".

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

Before filming 'The Grand Tour Presents... Lochdown' in Scotland between lockdowns last year, the crew on the Amazon Prime show were planning an epic trip which is currently "on hold".

Host James May said: "We’ve got a big plan for Russia on hold. It’s one that we couldn’t do when COVID kicked off.

"So I mean, it’d be nice to finish that off since we set it all up. We’ve even bought the cars. I’m not sure where they are, but they’re in storage somewhere."

Producer Andy Wilman noted the show has "two more" specials to make in their current deal.

He told Metro.co.uk: "We were going to shoot one in Russia last March when the world shut down.

"That one we still want to complete because we’d set it up. There’s still a good story there, so we’re going do that one hopefully when things get better.

"Then we need to do another one. Which is TBD."

And while the team were able to get another UK edition filmed after the Scotland trip - which means they will be able to tide fans over until Christmas - they want to go further afield.

Richard Hammond - who presents the show with James and their former 'Top Gear' co-star Jeremy Clarkson - added: "We’d love to be released back out into the world and go and find exciting, far flung places to go again. We shall when the time is right.

"These things take a lot of planning and a lot of setting up. In the meantime, it’s just an absolute joy to be able to go out.

"And obviously, personally, we have a great time doing it and meeting up with a team of people that we’ve worked with for a very long time."