Graeme Hawley was thrilled when he saw his 'Coronation Street' alter ego was trending on Twitter.

Jennie McAlpine

Jennie McAlpine

His former co-star Jennie McAlpine has revealed she texted Graeme the night it was revealed that John Stape is the father of Jade Rowan (Lottie Henshall) to tell him he had made it on social media and he was delighted.

She said: "The night we found out who Jade really was, John Stape was trending! I took a screen grab of that and sent it to Graeme Hawley who played him - he replied with, 'Still got it!', he was quite pleased about that. Everybody flipping loved John Stape, didn't they? It was great how sort of daft it was with Fiz not noticing all those dead bodies, so the fact he's back in this guise is brilliant. We don't know at this stage how much Jade knows about her dad, or whether she ever knew him, but the traits she has of his are uncanny. You can see she is her father's daughter, doing bad things for what she thinks are the right reasons."

And Jennie insists Fiz and Tyrone (Alan Halsall) have never been that "suspicious" of Jade and instead started to believe they were bad parents to their two children - Hope and Ruby.

She added to "Fiz is not suspicious at all, she and Tyrone were so happy when Jade first arrived and was this magic Mary Poppins creature who sorted everything. They really started to believe they were bad parents. The only person onto the truth so far is Evelyn."