George Michael used to go hunting for 'EastEnders' scripts in Martin Kemp’s house.

George Michael

George Michael

The late 'Careless Whisper’ hitmaker was a huge fan of the BBC soap and even helped the Spandau Ballet star land his role as gangster Steve Owen, by asking actress Michelle Collins to arrange a meeting with the producer.

And George was so "obsessed" with the show, he went to great lengths to try to find out what was going to happen in future episodes whenever he visited his friends.

Martin's wife Shirlie recalled: "George was a massive 'EastEnders' fan.

"He was obsessed. He would come round to the house and open drawers, snooping about in all the rooms. He’d say, 'I'm just checking to see if Martin’s left any scripts lying around.' "

Martin - who left the show in 2002 after just over three years - also paid a secret tribute to his pal after George gave him a blue jumper and asked him to wear it on the soap.

He explained: "He said it was his way of getting a walk-on part. I didn’t mention it to anyone, but I wore it in a scene [under a tracksuit] and George was delighted."

George - who was godfather to the couple’s son, Roman - was a regular fixture in the Kemp family home and was even happy to help them decorate.

Speaking to the Telegraph magazine, Shirlie remembered: "I had these outfits like hazmat suits. He put one on and we both spent the day painting the living-room walls, just chatting and laughing."