Gemma Collins thought she "was dead" after falling flat on her face during 'Dancing on Ice'.

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

The 38-year-old reality star took a tumble when she tripped and landed face-first onto the ice during a live performance earlier this year, and she was in such shock that the 'TOWIE' star didn't think she would ever be able to get back up.

Speaking on 'Dancing on Ice Christmas Special' on Sunday (22.12.19), Gemma said: "I thought I was dead. I literally thought I was dead."

Gemma was partnered up with pro skater Matt Evers before being axed from the show in week six.

But the terrifying moment still haunts the 'Diva Forever' star to this day.

She recalled: "I remember thinking, 'I'm nearly at the end, I haven't fallen yet, this is a miracle, maybe I'll stay in for one more week.

"I got so excited, I just went too over the top with my movement, which you're not allowed to do in ice skating and my toe pick got caught - and bang."

The fall really knocked her confidence as she believed her "life's over" after the embarrassing moment.

She said: "And Matt was going, 'Get up! Get up! Get up!'

"And then I just got up and I was just like, 'Oh no, my life's over.' "

What's more, 'Dancing on Ice' judge Ashley Banjo didn't think Gemma would get back up after her nasty fall.

Ashley said: "Me, Jayne [Torvill], Chris [Dean] and Jason [Gardiner] were probably the only people in the country who had the view we had, everybody else had the opposing view with the cameras behind, but we literally saw her face go hurtling towards the ice - so it was quite scary because she was skating at us when it happened!

"I didn't think she was getting up to be honest, because what you can't get with a camera is the complete physicality of it.

"There was a real thud and the ice is just so unforgiving - she hit it flat-on. So I really didn't know if she was going to get up or not. She had my respect when she got up, definitely."