Gemma Collins has replaced Dani Dyer as the new face of Surf.

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

The 40-year-old TV star is said to have agreed a seven-figure deal to become the new face of the washing powder brand, replacing the 24-year-old actress in the role.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "Gemma is the new face of Surf washing powder and it’s the most lucrative deal she has ever signed.

"The money on the table for the gig is well over £1 million and includes TV and social media adverts.

"Gemma started filming her first commercial over the weekend and she’ll be officially announced as the new face of Surf in the coming weeks.

"Dani is stepping back from her role with the brand and won’t be working with them any longer. She has a lot on with her baby son and those in charge at Surf wanted to tap into Gemma’s brand power.

"She has such a huge following and everything she endorses turns to gold.

"They may be paying Gemma seven figures to come on board but they think the rewards for Surf will be even greater."

Gemma has become a millionaire since she first shot to fame on 'The Only Way Is Essex'.

And the outspoken star previously admitted there's a distinction between her real-life self and her celebrity persona, The GC.

Speaking about the differences, she explained: "I try not to bring any attention to myself. I like to cook, I like nature, I like to read. I do like to shop, don’t get me wrong, every now and then. I like a good day out in London, but, yeah, they are two very different people - massively."

Gemma insisted she's actually just a regular, hard-working person "like everyone else".

She said: "The truth is, in day-to-day life, I’m just grinding like everyone else."

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