Gemma Collins' dad is "getting better" after his recent battle with coronavirus.

Gemma Collins' dad (c) Instagram/Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins' dad (c) Instagram/Gemma Collins

The 40-year-old TV star has revealed via her Instagram Stories that Alan, 73, is currently on the road to recovery from COVID-19, having previously spent time in hospital with the life-threatening illness.

Alongside a photo of Alan, Gemma wrote: "My lovely dad getting better."

Gemma's positive update contrasts starkly with comments she made about her dad earlier this month, when she revealed Alan was "not the same man" after suffering "long COVID".

The outspoken star admitted to being distressed by her dad's health troubles, after he was previously admitted to hospital with the virus.

She said: "He's got long COVID. He's not the same man he was before he went into hospital."

Despite this, she remained hopeful that he'll eventually make a recovery.

Gemma said: "He's very tired, he gets weak, he gets out of breath and still coughs a lot. It's really distressing, but we're just so grateful that he's alive and hope he will come through the long COVID soon."

Gemma also revealed she's undergone cupping therapy.

She gave her Instagram followers a behind-the-scenes insight into the treatment, posting a video of herself lying down face-first and with numerous glass cups on her back.

Gemma - who rose to fame on 'The Only Way Is Essex' - said: "Guys, I'm having cupping today. I've had so much going on and here goes the cupping..."

The treatment is an alternative therapy that originated in China and is designed to help relieve pain and inflammation.

Cupping - which can be either wet or day - increases blood flow and reduces stress, while it can also be used to treat skin problems and cellulite.

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