Gary Lineker says teaching Spanish to children amid the lockdown has been "a bit of fun".

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker

The 59-year-old TV presenter - who learned Spanish during his football career with Barcelona - has put his language skills to the test as part of CBBC's 'Celebrity Supply Teacher'.

Speaking to Zoe Ball on the Radio 2 'Breakfast Show', Gary reflected: "They're about 15 minutes long the shows and ... it was a bit of fun, actually.

"Most of it is learning kids to count in Spanish up to 10 and then they wanted me to do it whilst I was doing keepy uppys in the garden. I haven't done keepy-uppys since about 30 years - so it was a bit testing - and count at the same time.

"And then 'Oh, can you now count in Spanish backwards and do it?' I went 'What!' [I] somehow managed it eventually.

"Yes, was a bit of fun and ... nice to have the chance to use the language occasionally."

Gary is set to present some live Premier League games on the BBC in the coming weeks, with the football season having recently restarted.

The broadcaster has been given some games following the coronavirus lockdown, and the former England star - who hosts 'Match of the Day' - is looking forward to the first live broadcast.

He said: "It is historic, you know, the first game to be shown live on terrestrial television since the inception of the Premier League, which was obviously '93."