Emily Atack says it was "the most ridiculous and daunting path" stepping into Holly Willoughby's shoes on 'Celebrity Juice'.

Emily Atack

Emily Atack

The 31-year-old comedian replaced the 'This Morning' co-host on Keith Lemon's wild ITV2 panel show after she quit last May after "12 years of fantastic chaos".

And the former 'Inbetweeners' star, who is a regular team captain alongside Laura Whitmore, has admitted she never imagined she'd get to land her "dream job" and "fill shoes like that".

She said of replacing the 40-year-old TV favourite: “Everything I’m doing now is kind of my dream job. And I would say Celebrity Juice is a real pinnacle moment for me, because it’s one of the bigger shows on television. Stepping into shoes like Holly Willoughby’s is the most ridiculous and daunting path as a telly person.

“It’s like, ‘How on earth will I fill shoes like that?!’ But I’m just so humbled and flattered, and I’m glad to be doing the show with Laura, she’s my really good friend.”

The 'Emily Atack Show' star also spilled that the new series is midway through filming and teased that the games have gotten "crazier", despite assuming the COVID-19 pandemic would mean they would be less fun.

Emily added to RadioTimes.com: “We’re halfway through my second series now.

“We’ve got so many lovely guests. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say, but the beauty of 'Celebrity Juice' is that just when you thought they couldn’t think of something more mad for you to do, all of sudden you’re strapped to a rocket and flying to space, and you have to eat a load of Wotsits and come back and count the Wotsits. So it’s the most ridiculous stuff you can think of."

“And also I think because of COVID, we thought the games would have to be a bit more boring, but they’re actually crazier, because they’ve had to think outside the box!”