Ed Speleers

Ed Speleers

Ed Speelers had to be taught to walk properly before filming his scenes in Downton Abbey.

The actor stars as footman Jimmy Kent in the period drama on ITV and Alastair Bruce, the series' historical advisor revealed he had to teach him to walk as a proper servant would have walked in that era.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz Alastair revealed: "He and I spent a long time working together. I had to teach him to walk straight. You know, young men now walk like this [slouches across the room], whereas then they walked like this [demonstrates stiff walk with a straight back].

"Trying to get people to do that is quite difficult. People have been shaped differently by their schooling, their education, their environment, their families."

Whilst Alastair admitted criticising the show's stars is difficult, he is dedicated to ensuring the programme is as historically accurate as possible.

"I think what the actors probably find aggravating is, it's very tough delivering a performance, you've got the cameras on you, you've got to remember your lines.

"When someone comes in and says, you need to hold your glass at that angle, you need to be more upright and try and turn like that - that can be aggravating because it's tough to deliver what you've got to do."

'Downton Abbey' series 5 is released on Blu-Ray and DVD from November 17 from Universal Pictures (UK).

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