EastEnders' Jane Beale is set to flee to Birmingham.

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The kind-hearted mother figure - portrayed by Laurie Brett - has just woken from her induced coma after she was brutally bashed over the head by her adopted son Bobby Beale (Eliot Carrington) following an explosive row and, with the extent of her injuries still not known, Jane is faced with mixed emotions and difficult decisions.

The insider explained: "Bobby's brutal attack has left Jane's life shattered and her heart in pieces."

Her husband Ian (Adam Woodyatt) is desperately trying to keep his family together but when his psycho step-son Steven (Aaron Sidwell) - who once accidentally shot Jane in the stomach after she tried to stop him taking his own life - rocks up from New Zealand, Jane's mother Linda tries to persuade her to move away from the heartache and drama once and for all.

The insider said: "Not only does she have to deal with the prospect that she may never fully recover, she must also decide what Bobby's violent actions mean for her and Ian, as well as her life in Walford.

"Just the idea of moving back to the place where so many bad things have happened must be terrible for Jane. But can Ian persuade her that he can make things right?"

However, Jane isn't the only one affected by Bobby's anger issues as Max Branning (Jake Wood) also found himself caught up in the youngster's murderous actions.

The former car dealer has spent the last eight months in prison after he was wrongly accused of murdering Ian's daughter Lucy (Hetti Bywater) but he's now set to be released after Bobby confessed to killing his half-sister.

The spy told Inside Soap magazine: "He's spent the last eight months serving time for a crime he didn't commit. As a result, he lost his family and his livelihood."

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