Hetti Bywater

Hetti Bywater

'EastEnders' cast members have been trying to figure out who killed Lucy Beale.

Lucy Beale a 20-year-old businesswoman, played by Hetti Bywater, was found dead in Friday's episode (18.04.14) and only four people from the BBC One soap's production team know the identity of the killer, leaving the cast guessing who brutally murdered her.

Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said: "The killer is known by myself and three other people [in the production team]. When they are revealed, we don't want everyone to be go, 'Oh, I never guessed that'. We want everyone to go, 'Oh, that makes sense, oh my God, that's upsetting."

Jacqueline Jossa, who plays Lauren Branning in the soap, said the cast have "no clue" who the killer is and censored scripts are being passed around.

She said: "I kind of want it to be me, because it would be cool, but I don't think it is now. So I'm a bit gutted. She [Lauren] doesn't really have a reason."

Laurie Brett, who plays Jane Beale, the ex-wife of Lucy's father Ian, insists she's given up trying to work out who the killer is.

She said: "I have no idea. I've stopped kinda trying to guess, it's one of those things you could start to tie yourself in knots about.

"I've stopped trying to work it out. I'm so confident I'm going to have the, 'Oh my God' moments, also I've finished filming so I'm not getting anymore of the scripts."

Dominic is enjoying plotting the murder on a "big scale" and claims Adam Woodyatt, who plays Lucy's father Ian Beale, gives the "performance of his life" as the emotional scenes unfold.

Adam insists he would hate to find out Ian had murdered his own daughter, after the pair had an argument about her taking cocaine before she went missing.

He said: "I think I'd be having a very long chat with Dom if it was me. But I've got plausible motives for about seven members of the cast."

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