Eamonn Holmes has questioned the trend of introducing people on TV without using their surname.

Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes

The 61-year-old presenter has taken to Twitter to express his bemusement at the trend, saying it sounds "very matey".

Eamonn - who is married to fellow TV star Ruth Langsford - wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "It's now become the norm that very few people on TV are given surnames . X ( no surname) will be back at (insert time) with the news , sport, weather .... all sounds very matey except nobody has a clue who they are ! Does it cost more to mention full names ? (sic)"

Eamonn subsequently conceded that there are a few well-known people on TV who don't need to be introduced by their full name.

However, he thinks "hardly anyone" merits that honour.

He wrote on Twitter: "Well there are a few who don't need it but not everyone is a Piers or an Ant & Dec .... as a matter of fact hardly anyone is . (sic)"

Eamonn previously claimed that the TV industry is run by "people who don’t understand it".

The veteran broadcaster explained: "Television is the easiest thing you’ll ever do in your life, made difficult by people who don’t understand it or who want to seem important because if they suddenly say, ‘No, no, no,' they’re important."

Eamonn - who started hosting 'This Morning' in the mid-2000s, after previously starring on 'GMTV' - also admitted to being underwhelmed by interviewing standards these days.

He said: "It never ceases to amaze me how few interviewers take the time to talk to their guests.

"Some will say you don’t want to shatter the illusion or you want to keep the interview fresh. Believe me, I can feign fresh."