Davina McCall has joked she is in a "plunge off" with Amanda Holden.

Davina McCall

Davina McCall

Amanda, 50, has been the subject of a number of Ofcom complaints over her racy outfits on 'Britain's Got Talent' and 'The Masked Dancer' judge Davina, 53, admitted she is hoping for some controversy over her own revealing clothing.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I've been plunging my little heart out. I plunged on show two and I had the cleavage to match. Now it's a 'plunge-off' between me and Amanda.

"But I haven't had an Ofcom complaint yet. I've got to work harder. If I get one I'll be a little bit pleased, if I'm honest. There was always that red latex dress I wore on last night's show. Amanda and I have to have some kind of a duel."

And Davina is proud that she and Amanda are representing women in their fifties.

She said: "I’ve actually known Amanda forever and she’s one of the women in my age group who are still living life to the full.

"And in a funny kind of way it’s us saying to all those pert 30-year-olds, ‘It’s going to be OK. Don’t worry — you’re still going to be having a blast in your fifties and we’re going to show you how’. We both feel really proud of that.”