Davina McCall was "convinced" Chantelle Houghton would be exposed on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Davina McCall

Davina McCall

The 52-year-old TV presenter was adamant the 36-year-old reality star - who joined series four as a "fake celebrity" - wouldn't complete her task where she had to fool her fellow contestants, including Michael Barrymore and Pete Burns, that she was the lead singer of the fictional pop group Kandy Floss.

Speaking on 'Big Brother: Best Shows Ever', Davina spilled: "I was convinced she was going to fail, convinced. She did such an appalling job singing the song and she was really an appalling liar.

"There were already murmurings of, 'I'm not sure she's a celebrity.'"

Chantelle had to complete one final task where the housemates had to rank themselves from most to least famous - but if she had been ranked last, she would've been forced to leave the house.

Luckily, she ranked in ninth place, before future ex-husband Preston from The Ordinary Boys and Welsh rapper Maggot.

But Davina was certain she was going to be placed last, and ended up "screaming her head off" when she made it through the challenge.

She continued: "When the line-up happened, I was convinced that she was going to go last and that she had been rumbled. If it hadn't been for Maggot and Preston being absolutely gorgeous when they went last, I was screaming my head off.

"I wish they could have cut to me running around going oh my god! This is great! I was so happy, I was so thrilled for her."

After she passed the final test, Chantelle was called to the Diary Room to discuss her identity with Big Brother, but the conversation was screened to the other housemates in the living room, revealing her true identity.

She went on to win the 2006 series and bagged herself a cash prize of £25,000.