Sir David Attenborough's personal firm made over £1 million from BBC's 'Blue Planet II' series in one year.

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough

The 92-year-old broadcaster - who owns 54 per cent of David Attenborough (Productions) Limited - made a profit of £1,035,634 in 12 months from the second part of the critically-acclaimed series, which explores marine life and plastic pollution in oceans across the world, according to a report published by Companies House.

'Blue Planet II' was broadcast in 2017 and the new statistics cover the year to the end of June 2018, following his profit of £943,055 the year before.

The firm's shareholders include his son Robert and daughter Susan.

Attenborough previously admitted that nature shows have a "responsibility" in the battle against climate change.

The TV legend has explained the important role documentary makers focused on natural history have in the modern world, and insisted his role has become much more than simply comment on all the "wonderful things" caught on film.

He said: "There's a big responsibility that natural history filmmakers have.

"I'd love to spend the whole time saying: 'Look at these wonderful things, aren't they lovely?' But you have a responsibility for pointing out that unless we change our ways, they're not going to be here forever."

Sir David admitted it is "naive" to suggest that changes will be made "overnight", but he added it is something that can change over time.

He added: "It would be naive to think suddenly that you can say something and these enormously powerful men and organisations are going to change overnight. The world doesn't work like that.

"But there are groundswells, there are these great sea changes that are difficult to plot, but they do happen. It's up to us to bring that about."