Danny Dyer's daughter gave him emergency dental work after he lost a tooth eating a bacon roll.

Danny and Dani Dyer

Danny and Dani Dyer

The 'EastEnders' actor lost three quarters of his gnasher when Dani - who previously worked as a dental nurse - lured him into her surgery by pretending he was going to simply have his teeth cleaned, before suddenly ripping out his infected tooth.

Speaking on their Spotify Original podcast series 'Sorted With the Dyers', Danny said: "I wasn't aware it was bang in trouble.

"I remember the tears rolling out of my eyes."

Although he claimed the procedure "didn't hurt", Dani insisted watching her famous father squirm was the "highlight" of her dental career.

The 43-year-old soap star recently admitted he is "freaked out" by the idea of becoming a "great great grandad" by the time he's 80, as he opened up about Dani's pregnancy at 24 years old.

He explained: "Well, it's such an honour. I mean, in my head, I'm still 20 in a way, you know, you're not gonna be a grandad and stuff.

"So I just want the baby to be healthy. And I'll just, you know, it's always talking about these things. You know, the baby's not here yet. We're excited. It's the start of a new era.

"And I just got to try and get my head around the fact that I could be a great grandad by the time I'm 60. Yeah, that's what freaks me out more than anything else. Really!

"Then a great great grandad by the time I’m 80. But I should have known this was coming. I had her when I was eighteen! So, you know, it was always going to be inevitable."

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