Dani Dyer used to be so embarrassed about pooping when her boyfriend was in the house she would pretend she was going to Sainsbury's - and then drive to her mum and dad's.

Dani and Danny Dyer

Dani and Danny Dyer

The former 'Love Island' star is expecting a baby with significant other Sammy Kimmence, but when they first got together she would have to head to her 'EastEnders' star dad Danny Dyer and her mum Joanne Mas' pad for a plop, and say she was popping to the shop.

Danny said: "You would drive here, pre-Covid, to come and have a s***, which I found so cute.

"I remember you running in here once because you were so desperate for a s***. You'd even lie to him."

Dani admitted she had to make her story look real, so after dropping a dump she would go to Sainsbury's and buy goods they didn't really need.

Speaking on their podcast Sorted with the Dyers:, Dani added: "I used to have to make up excuses. I remember I used to go, 'I'm just popping out to Sainsbury's.'

"I'd have to sometimes go to Sainsbury's to pick something up I didn't even need.

"He'd find it weird if I said I was going to my mum's to go to the toilet. I wanted him to think I didn't s***. That I don't do that.

"It was only on the weekends though."

However, she later plucked up the courage to poop when Sammy was in the same room as her when the pair enjoyed a Spanish getaway.

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