Dani Dyer was worried she was suffering from postnatal depression after giving birth to her son.

Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer

The 24-year-old star - who welcomed her baby boy Santiago into the world in January - has opened up on the challenges of being a new mum during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on their podcast 'Sorted with the Dyers', her dad Danny said: "This has been a f****** long, cold, hard winter this one. And even if you're the strongest cat out there then you're struggling now."

His daughter agreed, adding: "It's been awful. The other day I was really struggling, I had a couple of days where I made a shepherd's pie but I just felt so down.

"And I think when you've just had a baby you really start worrying, thinking, 'Am I suffering with a bit of postnatal depression?

"I know this sounds weird but I made the shepherd's pie but it was like I wasn't making it.

"I had a couple of days of just really not feeling me and then I went on a walk and I felt back to myself. I felt so low."

The former 'Love Island' star recently admitted she was “so upset” and felt as though her “body failed” her when she had to undergo an emergency C-section while in labour.

She said: “Nothing ever goes to plan with me. It was really difficult, my waters broke the night before but my contractions slowed down...

“I wasn’t dilating enough for him to come out. And then we realised umbilical cord was wrapped around him so I ended with an emergency section.

“I’ve really grown in a month. I felt like my body failed me, why can’t it let me naturally have a baby and I was so upset and beat myself up.

“And because the baby blues were there as well I was crying for a whole week. Then I started accepting it and now I'm like, ‘Dani you have a scar and have an amazing baby.’ And I'm pleased I got to that point as the first week I hated myself.”

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