'Coronation Street' stars Beverley Callard, Bill Tarmey and Julie Goodyear were once banished to separate corners of a bowling green for 20 minutes and told not to look at each other so they could stop laughing.

Beverley Callard

Beverley Callard

Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald) has recalled his co-stars Beverley (Liz McDonald), Bill (Jack Duckworth), and Julie (Bet Lynch) once corpsing so much they couldn't shoot a scene, and as a result the show's bosses had to separate them so they could calm down ready for a retake.

He said: "I remember Bev and I think it was Bill Tarmey, and Julie Goodyear might have been in this as well.

"At the old place where we filmed there was a big bowling pitch, and they were told to stand in each corner of the bowling pitch and not look at each other for about 20 minutes before they could all stop laughing.

"Big Roy Barraclough was there as well, so you can imagine that ensemble."

But Simon nearly suffered an injury during one comical moment of 'Corrie' filming, as Sue Cleaver (Eileen Grimshaw) has revealed she whacked his and Craig Charles' (Lloyd Mullaney) heads together as a joke on set, but she accidentally used more force than she had planned and thought she had "cracked their skulls".

Speaking in a video on Good Morning Britain's Twitter account, she added: "I was doing a scene with Simon and Craig, and they were both on the desk and they had their heads quite close together.

"In the scene, the characters had annoyed Eileen.

"And as an impro at the end of the scene I thought I would just go like that [pushes hands together] on the back of their heads, as if I'm going to get them to hit heads.

"But I did it really hard and the sound ... I thought I'd cracked their skulls."