Patti Clare wore her Ben Shephard blanket on 'Tipping Point'.

Patti Clare and Ben Shephard (c)

Patti Clare and Ben Shephard (c)

The 'Coronation Street' star - whose character Mary Taylor has a huge crush on the 45-year-old presenter - has filmed an episode of his popular quiz show with the hilarious cobbles prop, which is covered in pictures of his face.

Sharing a photo of them both beaming on set, Ben tweeted: "So this happened yesterday!!! What an amazing moment

"@APattiClare AND THE BLANKET!!!! came and took on the machine. It was soooo much fun. It won’t be on for a while but it’s well worth the wait! @TippingPointITV #Luckystars (sic)"

The heated blanket appeared on 'Corrie' over summer, and Ben insisted he'd only make a soap cameo once social distancing guidelines have been relaxed.

He previously said: "I would be there in a shot. Honestly, it seems quite surreal.

"But I can't come up until we're allowed to hug, though. This is really important.

"The idea of being able to come up and actually having to social distance from Mary would be difficult ... for both of us."

Patti joked: "She wouldn't cope, I think she'd get very aggressive. So let's have patience."

Ben's 'Good Morning Britain' co-host Kate Garraway found the storyline hilarious, and joked that she wanted her own.

She added: "I just love the idea that Ben Shephard is an electric blanket for the nation in a time of crisis... I've had a show of hands for pre-orders of the Ben blanky.

"I'm looking around the studio and there aren't a huge number of hands in the air, but I'm definitely up for one."

Speaking on 'GMB', Patti quipped: "Just let Mary know and she'll put the order in for you."