‘Coronation Street’ Boss Iain MacLeod has teased it will be a “jolly” Christmas Day for the Weatherfield residents this year.

Coronation Street's boss has teased the soap's festive storylines

Coronation Street's boss has teased the soap's festive storylines

The ITV show's executive producer admitted the soap have decided against going down the dark plot route over the festive period, and they are instead returning to their traditional roots for a “heart-warming and joyous” Christmas.

He said: "It's quite jolly, actually. There's a tradition on some soaps of going really big, dark and kind of Gothic at Christmas and we've occasionally dipped our toe in that water, but I think it's fair to say this year is maybe more akin to a traditional ‘Coronation Street’ Christmas.

"It's very funny in places. It's very silly and and it's really heart-warming and joyous.

“There's a really strong community vibe this year, where actually we were able to film it at a time when there was a window of opportunity to do some stuff with actors who didn't have to be two metres apart all the time."

Iain wanted the soap's festive period this year to be “family focused and jolly”, as last year filming took place during the bleak midwinter lockdown.

He said: "It's got more of that 'Coronation Street' community on the cobbles type feeling than some of the previous Christmases had – certainly last Christmas.

“Last year, we were shooting it in the midst of the strictest of restrictions so we couldn't really do that. But this year it's very jolly and very community-focused, very family-focused.

“It has one of the silliest fights I have ever seen, which involves the immortal line 'smell my marigold'. I'll leave for you to work out what that might refer to.

“I watched it when I wasn’t feeling very festive and by the end I have a mince pie shaped lump in my throat. I had tears of joy, not misery, just a glorious thing."

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