Coleen Nolan is "seriously considering" a double mastectomy to avoid the same fate as her sisters.

Coleen Nolan

Coleen Nolan

The 'Loose Women' star has been warned she has an "incredibly high" risk of getting cancer after her sister Bernie died from breast cancer in 2013 while her siblings Anne, 70, and Linda, 62, are both battling the disease.

Speaking on tonight's episode of ITV's 'Piers Morgan's Life Stories', she says: "I'm seriously looking into elective mastectomy. I've spoken to a specialist so far to see.

"I've said, 'look what are my chances of this' and he said, 'incredibly high' and although we don't carry the gene – the known gene BRCA1 and BRCA2 – he said it will be gene related somewhere, it will just be a gene we haven’t found."

Last year, Coleen's sisters revealed they were both diagnosed just days apart, with Linda battling incurable liver cancer, and Anne getting treatment for breast cancer.

While the 56-year-old star admitted it sometimes feels like "a curse" on her family, she knows lots of people have to deal with the same heartbreak.

She says: "Yeah, you almost feel like it’s a curse that’s been on you but it’s not. So many families go through this. But it’s hard because, well it’s cancer. It’s hard.

"Losing Bernie was just catastrophic in our family. She was the life and soul of our family. We all pulled each other through it.

"And then me and my sisters had this fantastic opportunity to do the cruising show. And literally within two or three weeks of it finishing, first Anne was diagnosed again and then literally four days later Linda.

"And it was just bam. It was really shocking."