Chris Harris says Matt LeBlanc was a "complete arse" during a scene for his final series of 'Top Gear'.

Chris Harris

Chris Harris

The former 'Friends' actor will make his final appearances on the motoring show for the upcoming 26th series after announcing his plans to quit, and his BBC co-star has opened up about a moment Matt was sliding around during a shoot on the ice.

He told Digital Spy: "That was okay. I'm not lying when I'm sitting there next to him, I don't like sitting in the passenger's seat if someone else is sliding...

"Oh, he's being a complete arse. He's being an arse to wind me up! He's fairly fearless. And also, he knows full well that if he crashes it, he can afford to buy another one! I can't [laughs]."

He admitted his fear of heights made the situation worse when they were in front of a "400 foot drop".

He added: "There are times when you think 'this is as much as I want', and as we were doing a three point turn I reckon there was a 400 foot drop behind me.

"In the Tuk Tuk, I just thought 'that's enough for me'. I'm not great with heights."

Matt's exit has sparked a reshuffle for the 27th series, with Rory Reid moving to a role on spin-off show 'Extra Gear', while Chris will be joined by 'Take Me Out' comedian Paddy McGuinness and Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff.

Filming for that season is already underway, and it was recently revealed that Flintoff crashed his car into a market stall.

A BBC studios spokesman said: "During filming in Mansfield town centre, which had been closed off to members of the public for health and safety reasons, Freddie's electric car struck an unmanned, un-stocked market stall.

"Neither he nor anyone else was hurt and filming completed as planned."

Matt LeBlanc's final 'Top Gear' series will launch on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer on Sunday, February 17.

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