Charles Bronson sent Vinnie Jones a drawing after the death of his wife.

Vinnie and Tanya Jones

Vinnie and Tanya Jones

The big screen hardman reportedly received the artwork from Britain's most violent prisoner - who is currently behind bars at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keyes - as a tribute to Vinnie's wife Tanya, who sadly died from cancer earlier this year aged just 53.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, Bronson - who changed his name to Charles Salvador to honour iconic artist Dali - framed and engraved the drawing with the message: "Vinnie & Tanya Together Forever. CA Salvador 2019"

The piece features the prisoner in a straitjacket along with the words "Alone, but never lonely" and "Be strong, Vinnie."

A source said: "Vinnie was chuffed with the art and couldn't believe Charlie had it framed and engraved. He called it 'very generous' and added he was going to hang it in his house in LA."

Reports of the gift come after Charles, 66, sent a message of encouragement after seeing Vinnie discussing his heartbreak on 'Good Morning Britain'.

He said: "Vinnie I seen you on Piers Morgan - absolute unbelievable. Honestly the way you come across, you're a proper geezer. It's tough for you. You've lost a bloody diamond of your life.

"But the way you put it over really touched me mate. I thought f****g brilliant. It (will) get easier with time. No doubt.

"I was sitting here, I thought blimey, from hod carrier to Hollywood, marrying that beautiful, beautiful lady. You was a good husband. She was a good wife. Be strong, mate."

Bronson suffered similar heartbreak earlier this year, when his wife, Paula Williamson, was found dead at home.

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