'Celebrity Big Brother' contestants Daniel O'Reilly, Ann Widdecombe, John Barnes and Amanda Barrie all face eviction from the house tonight (22.01.18).

Daniel O'Reilly aka Dapper Laughs

Daniel O'Reilly aka Dapper Laughs

Housemates were asked to nominate for a backdoor eviction, which will be decided by whoever loses a series of tasks, and not by a public vote.

The women had to choose two men, and the male housemates had to pick two female housemates who would also face eviction.

The men and women are now being pitted against each other in a series of tasks and the winning team will decide who from the losing side will leave.

The chosen celebrity will be evicted through the backdoor with no live audience or fanfare.

Comedian Daniel, aka Dapper Laughs, did not take the news he is facing eviction well.

Tasks so far have included who can hold a feather up for the longest time.

Meanwhile, the house faced a security breach at the weekend when two YouTube pranksters managed to break into the house and film footage of the celebrities.

Ally Law and Ryan Taylor have claimed they broke into the 'Celebrity Big Brother' compound and filmed through the glass doors.

They shared footage of housemates Ginuwine and Jonny Mithcell standing at the bottom of the stairs on Snapchat. Another clip showed Ashley James and Ann Widdecombe standing in the living room.

Ally has told his followers in a video posted online that due to legal reasons they are curretly unable to share full details of the break-in.

'Celebrity Big Brother' producers confirmed the security breach to The Sun Online, saying: "Two intruders were apprehended by security at Elstree Studios. The safety of housemates, production and audience members is of paramount importance and Big Brother has appropriate security measures in place at all times."