'Celebrity Big Brother' will lose two housemates in this week's double eviction.

Dapper Laughs

Dapper Laughs

Dapper Laughs, Ann Widdecombe, John Barnes, Rachel Johnson and Andrew Brady were left open-mouthed in last night's (15.01.18) episode when they were told that they would face elimination in Friday night's (19.01.18) show as part of a huge twist.

But it wasn't the housemates stunned by the news as Rylan Clark-Neal and his team of panellists on 'Bit on the Side' were equally confused by those put up for eviction.

Rylan admitted he was shocked that the men had chosen to put Dapper, Andrew and John up for eviction as they had become firm favourites in the abode.

While India Willoughby - who was the first to get the boot last week - said: "I'm surprised Daniel has been nominated as he's really popular in the house. He's really funny and extremely strong.

"I think we saw earlier on in the clip Rachel planting a little bomb with Daniel about Ann. For me its karma Rachel is up. I would like Rachel or Ann to leave."

And guest panellist Michelle Heaton added: "I'm really shocked that Andrew and Daniel are up. I'm really confused about the nominations."

Ashley James was given automatic immunity from this week's eviction after she won a challenge when a group of rowdy four year olds invaded the infamous abode.

The youngsters wreaked havoc as they ran around the house while the contestants were told to keep them entertained - testing their mental strength, resilience and determination - and the star who did the best would receive immunity.

After pushing the contestants to their limits, the kids headed to the Diary Room and decided that Ashley was their favourite and would escape elimination this week.

Ashley: "I said to so many people that children wouldn't like me. I haven't had children in my life for 10 years. I don't have any young people in my life."