Caprice has praised John McCririck as a "TV genius" but admitted they "did not get on" in the "smelly" 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.



The 48-year-old model - who finished fifth in the 2005 series - still cannot forget the "very smelly" bedroom and "disgusting" living situation in the infamous abode, and while she had numerous disagreements with the 79-year-old television presenter - who passed away in July - she admitted he made great TV.

Speaking to the Sun Online, she said: "We did not get on! We had quite a few rows but the thing is, I just remember, I don't think I'm speaking ill of him I'm just telling you what happened.

"The room was very smelly all of the time and I remember all of us waking up in the morning and he had these speedo type of knickers on. And he would wake up to go to the loo extra early."

Despite the "disgusting" living situation, Caprice admitted the horse racing pundit was a "genius".

She said: "It's disgusting because you can't escape it. Just try and control it for goodness sake! But one thing about John he makes such good TV.

"In the entertainment world he was genius, I respected him for that."

What's more, Caprice grew close to Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen - who was married to Sylvester Stallone from 1985 to 1987 - in the house, but she claims as soon as the series ended Brigitte wouldn't "look at [her]".

She explained: "When we were in the house Brigitte was really nice and the second we all left that house she would not look at us, she wouldn't say a word.

"She was sort of this reality 'Celebrity Big Brother' pro, because she would go from country to country doing 'Big Brother.' She would absolutely blank us, a lot of us kept in touch but the second she left she blanked us."

And Caprice has claimed Brigitte would organise non-televised meetings prior to her former mother-in-law Jackie Stallone entering the house.

She added: "She kept going to the Diary Room and that wasn't televised, when Jackie came to the house I think she wanted to leave but money talks and BS (bulls**t) walks."