Bruno Tonioli wouldn't want 'Strictly Come Dancing' to introduce a same-sex couple "just to get headlines".

Bruno Tonioli

Bruno Tonioli

The 64-year-old choreographer, who is a judge on the BBC Latin and ballroom show, believes it is essential that "the right person and couple" are chosen if the show is to make such a move, as 'Dancing on Ice' did earlier this year when Ian 'H' Watkins skated with Matt Evers.

He told The Sun newspaper: "We would have to be very careful because we wouldn't want to do it just to get headlines.

"It has to be the right person and couple for it to work.

"The search needs to start and it's something that is possible.

"But it shouldn't be headline chasing."

Matt and H made TV history as they became the first same-sex 'Dancing on Ice' pairing, and upon the pair's elimination from the competition the Steps singer hailed the programme for championing diversity and urged 'Strictly Come Dancing' to also introduce same-sex couples.

He said: "'Strictly', it's your turn now..."

Bruno's comments come after Robert Rinder revealed last week that he was offered the chance to take part in 'Strictly Come Dancing' with a same-sex partner.

He said: "I was offered next year's Christmas special with a same sex dancer.

"I'd do anything. I've danced on stage with Anton Du Beke for a Grenfell Tower benefit."

And the 'Judge Rinder' presenter believes a same-sex pairing on 'Strictly' is "inevitable".

He added: "Ultimately a same-sex couple is inevitable."

The 41-year-old star competed on the show in 2016, but he only tuned in last year to see Michelle Visage.