Bill Bailey is desperate to win 'Strictly Come Dancing' because his friends have put bets on him.

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey

The 55-year-old comedian has defied pre-series expectations with his impressive moves on the dancefloor, and Bill is now determined to win this year's series.

He said: "It is pressure. We’re getting to the sharp-end now so everyone’s putting in great dances. The competition is really hotting up.

"There has been quite some betting going on. It’s mainly my friends. They keep texting me every week when we get through, saying, ‘Well done, Bill, keep going, we’re betting on you’.

"There will be a lot of people that I will be paying for Christmas if I make it all the way. I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders."

Bill has lost a stone-and-a-half during his time on the BBC show.

But his slimmed-down waistline almost caused him embarrassment while he was filming a segment for 'The One Show.

The TV star - who is dancing alongside Oti Mabuse on 'Strictly' - told The Sun newspaper: "I’ve certainly lost weight - a lot of clothes feel baggy.

"I went to do some filming where I had to go paddleboarding.

"I put on shorts that I wear normally. I put the microphone in my pocket and my shorts started falling down around my knees.

"I’m like, “What’s happened? This is not right’. It almost caused an incident."

Last month, meanwhile, Bill admitted to surprising himself with his performances on 'Strictly'.

The comedian shared: "It’s extraordinary. People would assume I wouldn’t be able to even keep up with the training, but I’ve surprised myself.

"I do a routine, watch it back and think: what happened there? I can’t quite believe I’m able to do it."

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