Bill Bailey, Emily Atack, Jamali Maddix, and Judi Love are all set to star in a new game show titled ‘This Is MY House’.

'This is MY House' cast

'This is MY House' cast

The four TV stars have been announced as the celebrity panel for the upcoming BBC game show, which will see four people walk into a home and say “This is my house”, with only one of them telling the truth.

Bill, Emily, Jamali, and Judi will be joined by a guest panellist each week and together they will sort the fact from the fiction, and ultimately decide who they think is telling the truth.

If they guess correctly, the honest homeowner will win a cash prize.

In a statement, comedian Bill Bailey said: “’This is MY House’ is a great show and I am delighted to be taking part. I think it’s a lot of fun, something that everyone needs at the moment, and I’m sure viewers at home are going to love playing along. I consider myself a good judge of character, so I hope I’ll be able to spot the liars from the real homeowner and help win them some money!”

Whilst actress Emily added: “I’m super excited to be joining the panel for ‘This is MY House’! Our job is to find the honest homeowner amongst the imposters, all who have very compelling and believable stories. It’s great fun and it has that play along factor, that viewers at home will love.”

Comedian Jamali said: “I had a good time snooping around people’s houses, it’s a fun show!”, and ‘Loose Women’ panellist Judi explained: “I am beyond excited to be a part of the show, if you love a good old snoop around someone else’s house like I do, then make sure you join us on ‘This is MY House’!”

‘This is MY House’ – which was created by Richard Bacon and Nick Weidenfeld, and was produced by Expectation – will be presented by Stacey Dooley, and is set to come to BBC One and the BBC iPlayer in Spring this year.