David Walliams is in trouble with ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ bosses for indecent exposure on the show.

David Walliams in trouble for willy gag on BGT

David Walliams in trouble for willy gag on BGT

The 50-year-old comedian - who serves as a judge on the ITV talent show - was rapped by bosses for "outrageous behaviour" which included stripping down to his underwear, imitating exposure of his manhood and tweaking his nipples in front of head judge Simon Cowell.

The ‘Little Britain’ star couldn’t help pushing Mr Nasty’s buttons by asking a contestant if his talent was getting his manhood out on display.

Simon exploded by saying: “Apologise now” before sending David off the stage away from the set.

He added: “Get out, get out. This is supposed to be a family show.”

Throughout the last week David has managed to get under TV bosses skin by displaying inappropriate behaviour.

A TV insider said: “Because BGT has been off our screens for some time, David is like a schoolboy in his first week back in class after the summer holidays.

“He can’t resist showing off in front of the crowd, which people expect from the funnyman. But sometimes he can take things too far, and that’s just what’s happened this week.

“Simon obviously loves his outrageous behaviour and the fact they take the mickey out of one another, but even he seemed unimpressed with his latest joke.

“He got a ticking off on the first day of filming for the new series, but rather than tone it down it seems he’s taken that as a challenge to be even more naughty.”

David who joined 'BGT' in 2012 has previously been known to seek attention by exhibiting wacky behaviour on the show.

Simon previously told the Express: "David is David .He just loves being the centre of attention.

"He's like all comics, you know, they live for that attention. You'll never ever change him."

Despite finding him annoying for wanting to be in the spotlight, Simon looked past his behaviour as he said the show wouldn’t be the same without him.

He added: "As annoying as he is if he wasn't there, I think you'd miss him."