Beverley Callard has hinted Liz and Jim McDonald could reconcile.

Beverley Callard

Beverley Callard

The 61-year-old actress admits her alter-ego Liz is unlikely to ever forgive bad boy Jim - who is played by Charlie Lawson - after he pretended their dead daughter Katie was alive in an attempt to steal her money, but Bev says Jim may find a way of getting the cash back to Liz so they can reunite.

She said: "I don't know how Liz could forgive what he did, but there is this chemistry there.

"Maybe he will somehow get the money to give back to her, and then it will begin again.

"Liz loves the fact Jim is hot-headed. He acts with his fists and pays the price afterwards."

Before Jim turned up in Weatherfield again, Liz slept with Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley), who cheated on his wife Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), but she regrets their infidelity and would prefer to hook up with Jim again.

He added: "I think she would prefer that to someone who is a little bit sly and manipulative, and I think she's lost respect for Johnny in that way.

"Liz and Johnny slept together once, and after that she knew it was a mistake."

But Liz will be left "horrified" when Jenny wreaks some revenge upon her by signing the barmaid up to an escort agency, and she returns home to find a hunk waiting for her.

Beverley added to heat magazine: "When I read those scripts I thought, 'Why on earth would they think that?'

"Liz gets this weird text and she just thinks it's someone she knows.

"So, she goes home and this guy is there - and he's quite young and fit. I was thinking I'd say yes, actually.

"But she's horrified and, at first, just thinks it's some kind of joke.

"Then, once she talks to him and he verges on the aggressive side, she's really upset."