Beverley Callard would never take over the Queen Vic if she was offered a part in 'EastEnders' - after seeing the reaction Michelle Collins received when she joined 'Coronation Street'.

Beverley Callard

Beverley Callard

Michelle was blasted by trolls for her Mancunian accent when she appeared as new Rovers Return landlady Stella Price on the cobbles in 2011, and 'Corrie' legend Bev - whose character Liz McDonald was the pub's previous boss - admitted she "felt for" the star and believes she was criticised because of Stella's job.

She said: "I think she would have had a better ride if they hadn't put her in charge of The Rovers.

"That pub belongs to the public, so I think that's why they reacted the way they did to her character.

"It wasn't her fault and it must have been hard to have got the tough reception she did.

"I felt for her at the time and it made me sure that if they ever offered me 'EastEnders', I'd never agree to take over the Queen Vic."

While Stella was brought in to take over the Rovers from Liz, Beverley insisted she "never had any animosity" towards Michelle - who previously played Cindy Beale in 'EastEnders' - but it felt "weird" because her character went down a different route.

She added to OK! magazine: "It was a weird feeling.

"It wasn't like they'd recast Liz - that would have broken my heart - but it certainly took Liz down another route.

"The Rovers is just a set at the end of the day.

"Michelle is a great actress and deserved the job, so I've never had any animosity towards her."