Beverley Callard is "so excited" about working with Charlie Lawson again.

Beverley Callard

Beverley Callard

The 'Coronation Street' actress cannot wait to team up with the 58-year-old actor again as Liz and Jim McDonald reunite on the ITV soap, and she is looking forward to playing out the characters' "complex relationship" on screen once again.

She said: "I am so excited about working with Charlie again, Liz and Jim have such a complex relationship and I am really looking forward to the storyline surrounding his return."

But Liz will not be in Weatherfield for Jim's return if Johnny Connor - played by Richard Hawley - has his own way, because he is keen to run off to Spain with her after they grew close in recent weeks.

Beverley said: "She is in a really difficult position because she wants to help Johnny but she knows he is in a lot of trouble.

"She knows it is only a matter of time before people put two and two together, as she has also now disappeared, and think that she was in on it all along.

"She is shocked when he suggests running away to Spain with him and they can bring up Susie together, she knows in her heart that is just not going to be possible but Johnny is not thinking straight at all.

"Liz has been really conflicted, she has had a few men in her time but she has never had an affair with a married man. She is very moral but she has really fallen for Johnny, she has tried to tell him that she has no feelings for him to try and put a stop to it."

Beverley has loved playing out the serious storyline, but also enjoys having fun with Louiza Patikas (Moira Pollock) when they are filming their comical scenes in the medical centre.

She added: "What's great about playing Liz is that I get to do both, I love working in the medical centre, sometimes me and Louisa who plays Moira can't keep a straight face."