Benedict Cumberbatch filming Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch filming Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch says the new 'Sherlock' script was like an "early birthday present".

The 37-year-old star - who confirmed earlier this year he would reprise his role as the titular character for a fourth series - has praised co-creator Steven Moffat for his superb script for the forthcoming third season of the BBC One drama and insisted it is a "very, very exciting time" in his career.

Speaking in a recorded message played at US convention Comic-Con, Benedict - who turned 37 on Friday (19.07.13) - said: "I got the script and it's another early birthday present, because it is amazing.

"I don't want to hype it too much because we haven't made it yet but what a script!

"Steven Moffat is brilliant. We shoot in about a week and a half's time.

"We're on 'Sherlock' for four weeks into early September. So it's a good time. It's a very, very exciting time to be me. I'm really lucky.

"It's been so much fun, the scripts have been such a delight. I can't wait for you to see it."

Benedict also took the opportunity to tease fans about how his alter-ego survives at the end of series two after he appeared to fall to his death.

He added: "I'm on holiday at the moment and having for pretty much two years of my life not been able to talk in detail about who I'm playing, what I'm doing, what my character does, and how he does it. I just think, 'F**k it, I'm going to tell you how Sherlock survived.' "

But when he started to reveal how the detective cheated death, the message's signal starts to fade and he could only be heard saying the words, "helicopter", "cabbage" and "teabag".

In March, Benedict confirmed he and Martin Freeman - who portrays Holmes' assistant Doctor John Watson - would return for a fourth series.

He said: "We've agreed to two more [series] but I could get into trouble for saying that."