Ben Shephard filmed 75 episodes of 'Tipping Point' over two weeks.

Ben Shephard

Ben Shephard

The 45-year-old game show host - who has presented the ITV programme since 2012 - returned to the studio for the first time following the coronavirus pandemic, and has outdone himself by filming a lot of fresh content in just 14 days.

Speaking on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' on Friday (21.08.20), co-host Kate Garraway revealed: "He's filmed 75 episodes in two weeks. He says it's going to be a great series."

ITV bosses had to halt production in March when the government announced a nationwide lockdown as contestants were travelling from all over the country to take part in the show.

Ben said at the time: "We've been in the studio filming the new series of 'Tipping Point' down in Bristol and we were doing that all of this week.

"Sadly that's had to be suspended now. Clearly there are guidelines in place which we've been adhering to, it's a very big studio, it's been very difficult."

However, the crew was desperate to continue working but the set became unsafe with contestants travelling from across the country.

He added: "All the crew are freelance so if they're not working, they're not earning money.

"But it was moving the contestants around the country, that was getting harder."

Ben has been appearing on 'GMB' during the health crisis, but he recently revealed he would be having a break to continue filming the new series of 'Tipping Point'.

Explaining the health and safety precautions to help stop the spread of the virus, Ben told Kate: "We'll be back in the studio, all socially distanced set so I'm not going to be here.

"But I'm going to be working, Kate Garraway! I know you think I've got my feet up and trotters up down in the south of France!"

Kate teased: "Of course you're working. Asking questions and loading up a machine."

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