Ben Shephard looks set to make a 'Coronation Street' cameo after he was revealed as Mary Taylor's secret crush.

Ben Shephard

Ben Shephard

The 'Good Morning Britain' presenter was stunned to find out the loveable character - played by Patti Clare - is a huge fan of his, and he would love to take to the cobbles in person in the near future, but not until social distancing guidelines have been relaxed.

When asked by Patti if he would appear on the show, he said: "I would be there in a shot.

"Honestly, it seems quite surreal.

"But I can't come up until we're allowed to hug, though. This is really important.

"The idea of being able to come up and actually having to social distance from Mary would be difficult ... for both of us."

Patti joked: "She wouldn't cope, I think she'd get very aggressive.

"So let's have patience."

On 'Corrie' next week, Mary will reveal to Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) that she has a crush on the TV presenter as he unveils a heated blanket with Ben's face printed all over.

And Ben feels "flattered" to have become a part of 'Corrie'.

He said: "I'm thrilled to bits and I'm very flattered.

"I'm very flattered as well that someone as discerning as Mary would think that I could offer some kind of solace in these times of need and such uncertainty.

"I'm a bit lost for words. To be involved in an actual storyline on 'Coronation Street' is something that I'm still reeling from.

"I'm thrilled and particularly overwhelmed.

"I will be watching with great joy come next week."

Patti hinted there could be much more to come from the plot.

She said: "It makes perfect sense.

"We think there could be more to come based on Mr. Ben Shephard blanky."

Ben's 'Good Morning Britain' co-host Kate Garraway said: "I just love the idea that Ben Shephard is an electric blanket for the nation in a time of crisis."

And the TV presenter joked she would love to own a "Ben blanky".

Kate joked: "I've had a show of hands for pre-orders of the Ben blanky. I'm looking around the studio and there aren't a huge number of hands in the air, but I'm definitely up for one."

Speaking on 'GMB', Patti added: "Just let Mary know and she'll put the order in for you."