BBC has launched a new 'Match of the Day: Top 10' podcast.

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker

The broadcaster has announced details of a new BBC Sounds series - which debuted its first episode on Wednesday (18.03.20) - featuring retired footballers Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Ian Wright as the pundits tackle some of the sport's hottest debates.

Gary said: "Pulling a top 10 together seems an easy task but when you think back over the years we soon found out it was quite a challenge and one that sparked off many a debate.

"There's so many amazing talking points in football, past and present, so it's a pleasure to have Alan and Ian round my place to discuss these for the podcast - I might even provide lunch if we can agree on a few things!"

The podcast series - which will drop a new episode for the next 11 weeks - will be recorded in Gary's kitchen as the boys discuss a variety of topics, from the best Premier League captains to modern day goalkeepers.

Former Newcastle striker Alan added: "There's potentially going to be former teammates in the mix so there's some big decisions to be made between the three of us.

"We've played with and watched some of the best over the years so I'm hoping all of this experience comes across. If not, blame Gary and Ian if you disagree with the top 10!"

Meanwhile, Ian insisted the project should "create a wider conversation and buzz" as he encouraged fans to have their say on social media.

He commented: "All three of us have so much fun in the studio so to give us our own podcast on BBC Sounds is a great move for 'Match Of The Day'. I'm excited to get in there and make some tough decisions with the guys.

"We know not everyone is going to agree with our final top 10 lists but we want the podcast to create a wider conversation and buzz, so get on the socials and tell us what you think...

"Also, Gary has been promising for ages to have Alan and I over for lunch, so this podcast means it's finally going to happen!"

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