Ed Balls is wanted for a musical.

Ed Balls

Ed Balls

The 49-year-old former politician may not have managed to worm his way into the 'Strictly Come Dancing' final with his impressive dad dancing last year but his performing career is far from over as top stage producer Sonia Friedman has admitted she'll snap him up in a heartbeat for a West End all-singing all-dancing production.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine, she said: "The person I would absolutely cast in a heartbeat is Ed Balls. I was hooked on 'Strictly...'.

"I think he was everything this country needed right now - a bit of levity, not taking yourself too seriously. He put joy back into our culture for a few weeks and he made politicians seem real to me. If I was doing the sort of show where there was something for Ed Balls to do, I wouldn't hesitate. Because I adored his spirit."

Sonia - whose hits include 'Dreamgirls', 'Legally Blonde', and 'The Book of Mormon' - enjoyed watching the former Cabinet minister and Shadow Chancellor on the ballroom and latin show so much that she even picked up her phone and voted for him to stay.

She explained: "I even voted for him, and I've never voted in my life before."

But her efforts weren't enough as Ed was given the boot from the competition in week 10 - just two weeks before the final - following his impressive 'Gangnam Style' routine.

Sonia may need to wait a little longer before she'll be able to bag Ed for one of her musicals as he's current dazzling audiences across the country on the 'Strictly...' tour.