David Atherton "saved the best till last" for the 'Great British Bake Off' final.

David Atherton

David Atherton

The 36-year-old underdog made it through the 10-week competition without being named Star Baker for any of his dishes as the judges disapproved of his flavours, but he triumphed at all three baking challenges in this year's final to be crowned champion.

He said: "It feels so good! It's been weeks and weeks of intensity and fatigue and then to finish it with this! I saved the best till last, and it's the best feeling in the world. Week on week other people were stronger, I was always the underdog and yet I just managed to get through.

"I did feel very nervous at the final which was unlike me. Honestly it was never in my mind that I could win this, I have had daydreams of winning 'Bake Off' for about 10 years.

"The judges always loved my presentation but not my flavours so to come first in the 'technical' of the final was amazing. I didn't imagine for one microsecond that I would get to the final, let alone win it. It's just unreal."

The international health adviser was able to keep his cool during the intense competition, as he and fellow finalists Alice Fevronia and Steph Blackwell were tasked with baking a decadent chocolate cake, followed by a twice-baked Stilton souffle for the technical challenge.

And finally, the trio had to create a visual illusion picnic basket using cakes, sweetbreads and biscuits for a chance to win the crown.

David added: "Steph and Alice bake as good as they look, they are both beautiful inside and out, stunning people and great bakers.

"The three of us were so happy to be in the final together, we were so close and really supported each other. This year particularly all the bakers helped support each other through the journey, from day one. It's a shame we can't all win.

"Sandi and Noel were really the biggest surprise for me. They are so warm and so supportive which I didn't expect. They are both so empathetic, they know when to hug you and when to have banter. They aren't judges but they can judge the moment perfectly, they can read us all so well."