Riz Ahmed and Anthony Head have been cast in 'Assassin's Creed: Gold'.

Assassin's Creed: Gold

Assassin's Creed: Gold

Ubisoft has confirmed some big names for the new audio drama series - which will be available exclusively on Audible - set both in Isaac Newton's 17th century Britain and the modern world.

The 'Star Wars: Rogue One' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' stars will be joined by the likes of 'No Offence' actress Tamara Lawrence and Danny Wallace, with the latter known for his long attachment to the game franchise.

The upcoming series - written by Anthony Del Col - followers hustlers Aliyah Khan, who survives through her smarts and scams after being dealt a rough hand.

She loses to a mysterious older man called Gavin Banks, and repays him by becoming an assassin and accessing the memories of her blind ancestor Omar Khalid.

Steve Carsey, Director of Original Content at Audible UK, said: "'Assassin's Creed' has set the highest of bars in the world of gaming. Noted for their historical authenticity, world building, characterisation and storytelling, there could be no better universe to explore as an audio drama.

"Anthony Del-Col's epic script - and sensational performances from Emmy Award winning Riz Ahmed, Anthony Head and a full cast - will satisfy both existing fans of the game and introduce a whole new audience to the eternal battle which rages between the Assassins and Templars.

"Embracing the best of the game's characters, sophisticated plotting and conspiracy laden storylines, we couldn't wait to dive deep into the machinations of this multi-layered universe."

And Aymar Azaizia, Transmedia And Business Development Director at Ubisoft, added: "We are really proud to announce our collaboration with Audible to create the first audio drama inspired by an Ubisoft game.

"As an entertainment company, we are always looking after new ways to immerse players into our worlds, and we strongly believe 'Assassin's Creed Gold' offers a great opportunity for all our fans to dive into a new storyline inspired by 'Assassin's Creed' franchise."

The series is available for pre-order now at audible.co.uk and will be available to download in spring 2020 (one credit for Audible members or free with Audible's 30-day trial).

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