Anton du Beke wants to be partnered with Jason Bell on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Anton du Beke

Anton du Beke

The 54-year-old professional dancer wants to be part of the second same-sex pairing on the show, after it was revealed that boxer Nicola Adams will be coupled with a female pro and Anton would jump at the chance to work with Bell.

He told Steph McGovern on 'Steph's Packed Lunch': "They're a great bunch. I'll tell you one I'm quite excited about, Jason Bell, the American Footballer. He'll do for me!

"I'm a mad keen - it's my guilty pleasure really - American Football fan, I love it! I'm excited about him coming on, I can't wait."

And Anton is happy that the group dances have been pre-recorded, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: "Normally, in August we do all the group number rehearsals then we revisit them during the series and we do them on show days.

"They're pre-recorded just before the show starts then slotted into the live show. But we've done them all in advance now.

"We had to bubble altogether in a hotel, all the pros. All the numbers are done and filmed and they're brilliant.

"It's marvellous because I say revisit during the series but for me it's more relearn. I can barely remember my name halfway through a series, let alone a step."

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