Ant Middleton has compared himself to Piers Morgan following his 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' departure - and says a number of TV companies have been in touch about possible work.

Ant Middleton

Ant Middleton

The former Special Forces soldier was dropped from the Channel 4 series due to his "personal conduct", and Ant has now admitted he will not be everyone's "cup of tea" and drew comparisons between himself and Piers - who quit 'Good Morning Britain' this month after refusing to apologise for his comments about Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex - and Jeremy Clarkson, who was axed from 'Top Gear' in 2015 after an "unprovoked attack" on a producer.

He said: "This last week so many doors have opened, production companies and channels calling me.

"You get cancelled then that’s your career done but you’ve got Piers Morgans, Jeremy Clarksons and now you’ve got your Ant Middletons.

"I’m not going to be comfortable with everyone, and I’m not going to be their cup of tea.

"Well that’s fine because guess what, I don’t want to work with you."

But Ant insisted he won't change the way he works to suit others.

Speaking on 'The Diary of A CEO' podcast, he added: "If I get questioned one little bit about who I am by any brands, any sponsors, any channels, then I will not work with them.

"I will say, 'Listen, thank you very much. It’s obviously not the right match.' "

Earlier this month, Ant blasted Channel 4 as "reckless and desperate" after he was dropped from 'SAS: Who Dares Wins'.

The TV presenter - who has hosted the quasi-military training TV programme since 2015 - said: "Channel 4 and Minnow Films' statement is very reckless and desperate. That's the word - it's desperate."

His comments came after a Channel 4 spokesperson had said in a statement: "Ant Middleton will not be taking part in future series of 'SAS: Who Dares Wins'.

"Following a number of discussions Channel 4 and Minnow Films have had with him in relation to his personal conduct it has become clear that our views and values are not aligned and we will not be working with him again."

Ant is currently quarantining in Australia ahead of filming a new series of 'SAS Australia'.

On Monday (29.03.21), he tweeted: "Quarantine life! Don’t over think things and stay focused on a positive or multiple positive motivators! Simple... Ooh and enjoy your Monday even #quaratinelife #zeronegativity (sic)"