Anna Williamson claims some of the 'Love Island' contestants "have pound signs in their eyes" and don't care about finding love.

Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson

The 'Celebs Go Dating' relationship guru has taken a brutal jab at the likes of Maura Higgins, 28, and Curtis Pritchard, 23, for being too focused on their money-making careers and insisted her own show is much more "natural".

She told The Sun Online:"A lot of the 'Love Islanders' have pound signs in their eyes and you can see that. On 'Celebs Go Dating there are no story lines or scripts.

"The celebrities aren't prompted like on Love Island. It all happens naturally."

The 48-year-old presenter insisted she is a "massive fan" of 'Love Island' but believes it is more of a "game show" than a way of finding lasting love.

Anna continued: "There is absolutely more chance of finding real love on 'Celebs Go Dating' rather than 'Love Island'.

"I'm a massive fan of the show but it is more of a game show. You get a big pay packet and you know if you are single you get kicked off which automatically means people start playing a game."

The former 'Toonattik' presenter said the Islanders are "too obsessed with money and fame" and slammed Curtis for chasing the "celeb world".

Anna said: "Curtis is absolutely playing a game. He's no stranger to the celeb world. He's had a sniff of it because of his brother AJ being on 'Strictly' and he wants some himself."

However, the dating coach believes Tommy Fury, 20, and Molly-Mae Hague, 19, are in love but thinks their relationship will fizzle out.

She said: "Tommy and Molly obviously have genuine feelings for each other and will do all the magazines when they come out but do I think it will last? No I don't."

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