Andi Peters has been struck down with shingles.

Andi Peters

Andi Peters

The 'Good Morning Britain' roving reporter has had his first day off sick in 20 years after he was taken ill with the nerve infection.

Revealing the news on today's (15.01.20) 'GMB', co-host Susanna Reid said: "Sorry, I've just got some breaking news from Andi Peters' sick bed. He's got shingles. First day off in 20 years."

Her fellow host Piers Morgan then said: "Shingles, how do you get shingles?"

Susanna replied: "It's chicken pox for adults."

'GMB' newsreader Ranvir Singh added: "It's really bad."

Piers admitted the show was "not the same" without Andi.

He said: "I feel sorry for Andi, it's not the same without you mate. Sorry about your shingles. Hope you get well soon."

Andi has appeared on 'GMB' and 'Lorraine' in recent years, and he flew to Australia six weeks ago for an appearance on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' spin-off 'Extra Camp'.

He wrote on Instagram at the time: "I'm A Celebrity...Extra Camp. A real pleasure to spend time with such a bunch of misfits. Smiles and laughs all day long."

Andi jets all over the world for his roving reporter role, and he headed to Outer Mongolia for a 'GMB' segment in October.

The star had viewers in hysterics when he tripped over on some rugged terrain while telling viewers how they could be in with a chance to win £500,000.

He said: "Also this gentleman here ... oh," and then fell over.

Andi couldn't help but laugh at himself, and continued: "And this gentleman here, is making a noise only with his throat.

"He's actually a throat singer. It's very uneven ground here in Outer Mongolia.

"My producer over there is literally laughing so much."

The moment was then replayed back in the studio, and Piers said: "Yeah, let's watch him fall flat on his face in Outer Mongolia.

"Ah, this is great. This is what heaven looks like. Andi making an absolute backside of himself."

Andi said: "As if I'm not making Piers happy enough and then I fall over. This is a nightmare."

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