Andi Peters broke down in tears as he was reunited with his former 'Live & Kicking' co-star Emma Forbes.

Andi Peters

Andi Peters

The 50-year-old presenter kicked off his temporary hosting stint on 'Lorraine' on Monday (10.08.20), and Emma was on hand to surprise her friend and former co-star in a video chat.

Andi was joined by entertainment presenter Ria Hebden, who teased: "I just have to say, I am star struck sitting here opposite you, a legend, I grew up watching you on 'Live & Kicking'. Shall we look back at some of those great moments?"

After looking back at his time from the 90s children's TV show, Emma appeared on screen from her home in America.

Surprised to see his old pal, he gasped: "Oh my goodness. I am sightly overwhelmed. She is my dearest friend."

The 54-year-old presenter praised Andi for landing the guest presenter role and dubbed him "television gold" following their on-screen reunion.

She said: "It's so great Andi because quite frankly you are television gold.

"I can honestly tell you ['Live & Kicking'] were the best days of my life. Andi has been my rock, my friend through everything, we did so many fun things together. Do you remember New Kids On The Block, who can forget the band who never spoke?

"I remember we had to open a ride in Thorpe Park and he's much more adventurous than me. I couldn't open my eyes and he held my hand the whole time."

A teary-eyed Andi struggled to speak, adding: "Sorry I've just got over the shock of seeing Emma, it's just so nice to see you."

The pair were later joined by former co-host John Barrowman from his home in Los Angeles.

Together, the trio hosted the kid's magazine programme from 1993 until John left in 1995, and his co-hosts departed the following year.

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